Cool demo projects from #SpringOne2GX 2014

Want to learn Spring by example? Use the source, Luke!

This is a list of the coolest example/demo projects that can be found at the SpringOne2GX conference Github space. For each project there’s a related presentation as well.

  1. Rective Geocoder - code, presentation: uses Reactor, Spring Boot, and Ratpack.

  2. Recommendation Engine - code, presentation: uses Hadoop, Spring XD, Apache Mahout, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, etc..

  3. Microservice Security - code, presentation: uses Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Session, OAuth 2, etc..

  4. Spring Resource Handling - code, presentation, uses Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Groovy, Handlebars, Node, Gulp.js, etc…

  5. Intro to Spring Hadoop - code, presentation, uses Hadoop, Spring XD, Spring Data Hadoop, Spring Boot, Hive, etc…

  6. Spring-a-gram - code, presentation, uses Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST, Bower, RequireJS, jQuery, etc…

Bonus: an HTML5 SnapChat clone developed with Spring and AngularDart - Opensnap. Uses Reactor, Spring Boot, Spring Security, MongoDB, Dart, AngularDart, etc…


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